Create a good opinion


Are there any switch word / mantra to face the fears formed by the mind? How to remove the fears caused from this mind?


What fears?


The fears are mostly what people will say or think of me when I do any work. Fears of expressing my thoughts or feeling thinking others might think badly. Or even fears of coming out of my comfort zone.




Centaury, Holly and Pine are Bach Flower Remedies.

For fear of other’s disapproval: CENTAURY

Feeling paranoid – suspicion of other’s motives: HOLLY

Poor self-esteem: PINE

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hello sir ! At present i am preparing for tnpsc exams i am working really hard to get through it.. but some where i feel that i have less memory power and i am less competent when compared to others. could you suggest me some switch words or what should i do to overcome it?

  2. Sir..i really want to become rich i always dream of it even at day i really mean it… i always think abt it and have read books related to it. could u suggest switch words for it too..

  3. in the past few months I have been misplacing items such as umbrella, phone, keys, imp documents etc. so I wrote to naran sir and sharing his reply so others may also benefit.

    “when so many things are missed what you require is chestnutbud.
    There are remedies which cover the behavioural state of anyone caused by the emotional state.
    Behavioural remedies
    Read Hornbeam, chestnutbud, clematis, Scleranthus Crab apple.”

  4. Sir I am in a lot of trouble, family unrest, office closed for 5 months. I have chant switch word but I am not getting any result. Please say if any way is very beneficial. Please help me sir

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