Life is Easy

Life Exams need not be Difficult

Naran! I believe you have given my son, some techniques to answer objective-type questions, as he hasn’t studied for the exam. Don’t you think you are making his LIFE EASY?


Because you had been struggling all along, it doesn’t mean your son also has to struggle for everything.

In fact, in some areas of life, whether you like it or not, he has to go through certain COMPLEX problems, and will be forced to learn lessons that he needs to learn. Meanwhile, why not in other areas of life, he can lead a relatively SIMPLE existence?

Your methods are not working for me

You have given a case history in the blog where a poor mother has chanted “VALLABHAM GAJANAANAM EKHA DHANTHAM” for a month and got her daughter married. I am chanting for more than three months. Yet, I haven’t found the results I want.


Haven’t you read another case history where a person has chanted the same mantra for two years? He got his skin allergy cleared first, received a big salary hike after one year and eventually got married.

The healing angels have a great sense of timing. They know what you needed now most, so as to fulfill your goals ultimately.

In addition, what works for one, will not work for others. I have also given the Bach Flower Remedy SWEET CHESTNUT for some, while I have given a mantra for you.

Why so many methods?

I don’t understand why somebody has to follow different healing methods


For some chanting the flower names for a few times will do. For some others, they need to go through a whole spectrum of healing to get the same results. Thus, healing approach can get COMPLEX for some and it may not go by our whims and fancy.

However, I am 100% sure that the healing methods that I am proposing here will WORK eventually for everybody. Though, they may have to grind their nose constantly to make it happen.

The gates of heaven are ready to open up for you. They are eagerly waiting for you to knock them.

Good Luck!!

  1. Great learning Naran sir

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