A useful mantra


If the situation is perfect, we are happy. Or if there is a good atmosphere around, then it means there is love.

If there is a problem means you definitely know that there is lack of love. So at that place what we have to give? We have to give only love.

The chanting of ‘I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS DIVINE” signifies that love.

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  2. Dear Naran – It has come to my attention that I often feel much worse when I say I AM SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. THANKS. Before feeling better. What is the reason for this?

    Thanks for your help!

  3. I am not Naran … but …

    … I thought I would give my guess-timation after thinking about what you have said/asked until he replies.

    When the physical body is healing in a cleansing way there is often an initial period of feeling worse before one feels better … what is called a “healing-crisis”.

    Maybe the words …


    … are creating some sort of an emotional/spiritual cleansing within you (or even in the larger environment you are in – ie your shift is changing/effecting the room and other people nearby so that the total area is going though a cleanse) which you are feeling within and around yourself.

    And … just like when detoxifying the body we can feel a little worse before we feel better.

    A sort of spiritual healing crisis may be happening … it is probably a good sign and nothing to be afraid of … just calmly travel through it … that is my guess. The temptation is to stop during periods where we do not feel better and doubt the ability that it can and is having a positive effect on anything. Sometimes I will stop it in the middle if I am having something that upsets things with a NEW strong negative force that enters into things … but if I remember to stay calm and continue eventually the calmness will return to the physical/material again.

    It is easy to doubt because i feel alone in this as no one in my area thinks this has any value and that it is all silly superstition or whatever. So you can be made to feel foolish continuing sometimes when all around you is not supportive. We don’t always have someone to ‘hold our hand and walk us through this’. In my area if anyone has similar beliefs they FORCE THEIR will on events rather than surrendering to DIVINE WILL. So I travel my spiritual journey alone. But I think maybe that is important to some degree to have a private journey when you set out to find your Creator. maybe not entirely alone … but there is a benefit from the parts that are traveled alone. Uniting with G-d/Spirit seems to have to happen in private times – first – before it can happen in a group. It may be different for others but it seems that way for me.

    I have always felt something was wrong when WILLFULLY FORCING things (even good things) to happen … it was so nice to find Naran’s writings … as I have found someone who shares my inner beliefs more closely in this area/idea. I feel less alone in my search for the Spiritual/Divine aspect of this life, now. In modern times in the area where I live/grew up people tend to put a lot of force and will into almost everything … spiritual practices included, willfulness that maybe is not meant to be there. I think Christianity has probably changed down through the ages a lot from it’s roots as a Christian I like to look more carefully at the Christian teachings rather than just accept the thoughts of whatever modern day preacher is talking the loudest.

    Well I’ve ramble on long enough … and gotten a bit off topic … but some of this is directly related to your question. I hope you find something worthwhile in my sharing of my thoughts…
    Joanne J

  4. whoa! that was long!

  5. I would like to consult u sir. Shall I get an apt. Pl.

  6. Shalini Mohan

    Hi sir I am shalini I have chanted an even I do the writing in book I am here to ask you solution related to my job kindly help me as I have attended an interview in a college for the post of personal assistant.they took my interview an said they will call me but still i have not got the call am in need of this job immediately . Kindly suggest me the switch word pls

  7. Kindly suggest me switch words to get me a job I have tried together find divine job order count an even by adding release resistance but from past 2 yrs I am not getting any job even though I have attended a lots of interview I am unable to get the job

  8. Naran sir,
    My daughter is 7 yr old and diagnosing with nephrotic syndrome when she is 4. She is on immunosuppressants. She is having focus and concentration problem sometimes . Don’t know if both are interrelated. Asking for help. In the present situation we can’t even send her to school or outside because of her medicine immunosuppressant. Ready to take consultation if needed. Writing this with heavy heart and any help is much appreciated. Thank you

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