Remove Pitru Dosh


Any remedy for ladies to do for removing Pitru Dosh and to please Pitru’s to get blessing from them.

We are suffering a lot nothing but hell. No good things are happening at all – getting delayed, no marriages, no good carriers, financial problems, health problems, enemy problems, no helping hands, and feeling loneliness.

Please suggest some remedies to remove Pitru Dosha.



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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran sir
    Just want to verify whether chanting adviced for Pitru Dosh can be done by gents?
    This chanting is only for ladies ?
    Can only one person do this chanting on behalf of all family members?
    Rakesh Avasthi

  2. Sir,
    I was very curious after reading your post above.
    Just wanted to know if this chant works for ancestral curses as well…esp given by a woman(sthri shapa)? In both my parents’ families(mother & fathers side), the male grandfather/great grandfathers had more than one marriage; due to which the first wife either died unhappy or her children did not do well in life.
    As a result, NONE of the womenfolk in either of the familes (including my mother) are happy—either they are ill or poor or childless or married very late or suffer in unhappy marriages and face untold misery in life. Many astrologers have taken a look at my horoscope and immediately said there is a woman’s curse upon our family and that is why no woman is happy within the family. They also said that i’m affected by the curse too and that’s why i’m extremely depressed, unhappy with my career, and facing delay in marriage(i’m 28) esp because i’m the first child (jyeshta putri)
    This is what prompted me to ask you if the chant you have mentioned above will help in my case too. We have done several other religious ceremonies to bring peace to whichever soul has supposedly cursed the family. I would be glad if you would let me know.Thank you so much for your help.

  3. Naran Sir
    Waiting for your guidance.
    Rakesh Avasthi

  4. Naranji Namaste, I am a follower of urs & my life has changed a lot good things has happened.sir v r 3 daughters for our parent’s they had 1st & last son who died @ birth, shld my parents do any karma for them once or ever year.some tell it is not necessary as they died @ birth.but my mother fells sad always. It is 33yrs &43yrs they died.pls suggest what they have to do.should they give any dress for anyone.

  5. Naran sir,

    Waiting eagerly for your reply. Please advise. Thank you.

  6. Dear Sir,

    can males chant the Pitru Dosh mantra also?

  7. for understanding tough subjects in education. what is the switch word

  8. 🙏

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