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Protection from accidents related to fire: ELM

A negative ROCK WATER person will invite accidents. The magic property of ROCK WATER will protect you from accidents and getting hurt.

Where there is RESCUE REMEDY there will be no emergency

After-Accident Remedies

Emergency Remedy – for Accidents, Surgery: RESCUE REMEDY

At the time of accidents pray to STAR OF BETHLEHEM.  It neutralizes any form of “Energetic trauma”, restoring the self-healing mechanism of the body. Dr. Edward Bach – “There may be an unconscious shock lodged in the system, blocking everything”.

In case of Amnesia after an accident or injury: WHITE CHESTNUT

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Where there is Wolf, There is no pressure

R Geetha

I just want to inform you that taking help from WOLF was really a miracle, amazing, and unbelievable.

Recently, I went to India for vacation.  We had 8 big suitcases to carry, we carried water, juice and some snacks for my 2 yrs and 6 yrs old. My baggage was overweight.

When we went to check-in the baggage, I was praying to wolf, “Wolf please be with us and help us to check in our baggage peacefully”.   It was really a miracle.

Airport authority person said that our luggage was overweight but this time he will excuse us all. Without paying any extra amount, we can check-in our baggage. I was so surprised to check-in our baggage so peacefully.

After vacation, when we are returning, I had pressure cookers (4) and some sweets and pickles.  Recently in USA, because of bombing in Boston, carrying pressure cooker became an issue. Security procedures have become stricter for cooker and other items.

Therefore, they will open all the baggage and will ask too many questions.  I was just praying for WOLF to be with us and help us out.  Surprisingly, there no checking at all.  We came out so peacefully.

First of all, I want to thank you for showing us the way to take help from Animal Spirit Guides.  It really works like a miracle.  Thanks a lot for all your help.

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