Kill your worries


I have been looking for a solution to my problem since some time. I am happy that at least now I found a way.

Me and my husband want to buy a property for our living but not able to find one. We have also been thinking of having a kid but just postponing until we settle on house. This is really bothering me a lot. Neither of the things is falling in place for me.

It’s always been like this to me. Everything will be delayed. For example I got my job after 2 years, got married late at 31 yrs, and now at 33 yrs I am still without a kid.

I have mental worries about my parents they too are not having a house. This is all killing me a lot.


Worrying feeling desperate will further increase the problem state.

Chant “ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW” as many times as possible


The basic remedy to change the situation we don’t like: Adjust Together Change

Change situations to our liking from undesirable to desirable: Change Divine Order


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Respected Naran Ji, Shobna ji
    we moved to foreign country 4 year ago.was well settled in my country with good pay.But here case is education in science subject was in hindi medium though now i know english very well but here i have to clear physics chemistry math of 12 grade if want to study a health program (course) which has hundred percent placement.i am already 43 years old with many physical problems.but my financial settlement is necessary.

    for physical problems i am already listening Together Divine cd and chanting kujitha padam sharnam.

    but for studying and also for passing Physics, Chemistary and math at this age after 34 year gap is looking impossible to me.but i have faith on healing methods.
    looking for ur advice.


  2. Thank you Naran.

  3. Waiting for your divine rays!

  4. Naran sir, I tried to contact I many times but I cudnt reach you hope it happens tday my family is going through a terrible situation my father n brother dont get along n my father have lost money financial situation is bad my father doesn’t listen to us and do watever he wants and anger has increased a lot pls suggest remedy so that he listens to us n we lead a happy family life like everyone each day is like hell suggest something tht he doesn’t get aggressive n listen to us n get along well with my mother at times he even hits her pls help

  5. Life stagnant

  6. Please sir I need abundance i am an actress looking for good break n need to clear debts still I am unsettled I am 44 years old … I have to take care of my Mumma n sister I am unmarried coz have to look after my family my brother is not taking any responsibility .. my dad passed away in September 2019 .. Maine 12 saal unka San kuch Kiya shaadi nahi ki ab mein financially independent n free hona chahayi him… Mere village mein kheti hai but brother nahi Lene dera kya Karu … Please guide

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